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Pardon for the mess. In the process of updating my tumblr.

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This was originally a crazy commission I did awhile back for a fellow Berserk fan. I love the intensity of the story that was carried through the beautiful line work of Kentaro Miura’s art. I also studied art by Gustave Dore for further inspiration on old school pen techniques.

The whole middle composition is done by a rapidograph pen..( aka..took forever).

I hope I did it justice. You can NOT do a Berserk tribute and go half assed.



I surprisingly see this a lot, especially in fandoms.  I figured I’d make an official list of rules.  We wouldn’t want any dis-respecting going on. 

This has sufficiently rustled my jimmies.


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Been a bit quiet here due to con prep so that said, my sis decolanlan and I will be at CPAC this Sunday! Come visit us if you’re in the area and say hi! We’ll be at table A5 :)

And in case anyone missed the last announcement about our storenvy, it’s been closed due to being totally wiped out from the last con and we had a lot of restocking to do.  So we shall be looking forward to opening it up again after CPAC! Until then, enjoy your day all you wonderful people!

Gonna be at CPAC with my sister this Sunday!


I know my tumblr has been on the quiet side lately. Artwork coming soon.

In the mean time…here are my art inspirations…. some of my crystal babies.

Is there such a thing as too much amethyst?


Help get this important Kickstarter funded!  Every little bit helps and even if you can’t donate, spread the word and share it!  We share so many other things on tumblr, but this could really make the difference in a child’s life who deals with epilepsy.

Support this awesome idea.

Hey guys and gals!

Gonna be at Toracon Artist Alley this weekend.

Stop by and say hi.

Kastucon was a blast despite the snow. Thank you so much to all you people who stopped by our table.

To those with commisions, they will be sent out within the next few days.

The store envy site will be updated soon with the new prints and pins for all you guys who missed out. Haha.

Thanks again.

Wow. That espurr post kind of exploded.I am not use to so many notes.

I am quite flattered.

Thanks guys. You are lovely( if somewhat demented) creatures.

Espurr Sees All


So this started out as a lil doodle out of frustration ..after dealing with the tiny monsters that are children. About 10 mins later this little creature with pentagram eyes appeared on my paper and brought a smile to my stressful day.

As I happen to love Pokemon…and esoteric/occult art… the joke of Espurr “seeing all’ was something I could not pass up. I laughed at the monitor half the time.

I might have gotten a bittt carried away.

So what was a doodle on a bad day is now going to a print at Kastucon. Yay productivity!



What To Know About The Net Neutrality Ruling

"Without a net neutrality requirement, service providers could turn internet connections into a toll road, charging companies like Netflix or Google extra money to deliver their packets with a higher priority than others. This, in turn, could also slow down the loading of sites that couldn’t or refused to pay. The biggest fear is a "cable-ization" of the internet, where certain internet providers only provide service to certain sites, in much the way that cable channels are packaged and sold separately."

Learn more from Popular Science

Forgive me for posting political things instead of art, but the apparent end of net neutrality is probably something online artists and their creative ilk ought to at least be aware of (if not irate about).  While I don’t mean to be hyperbolic (immediate sweeping changes aren’t likely) there’s some worrisome potential here for major ISPs to bleed parti-colored shades of dreadful all over the free and open internet as we know it.  

For instance, as a denizen of a non-neutral internet, access to certain sites and services could be cut off or limited by your provider, depending on what sort of access package you’re willing to pay for.  As a freelancer, independent innovator, or start up entrepreneur, you could be left in the lurch with limited traffic if you aren’t in a position to pay providers to grant their customers free, open access to your site (as large online corporate entities might be expected to do).

It might not make all or any difference, but if the vaporization of net neutrality doesn’t sit well with you, consider petitioning the FCC to fix its error and reinstate it correctly this time.

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