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Sketch warmup

This art studio remodeling thing is taking way too long. Almost there though. As soon as it is done, back to all the commissions…and maybe getting some plant friends to keep me company.


Hey guys! My sister and I are doing the Ridgewood Market again this coming Sunday.

Currently restocking on resin illustration necklaces along with new designs.

Hope to see ya there.

Over 40 independent and local artisan vendors!!
New Vendors at every market event!
Local, Artisan, and Vintage Gifts!
Food and Pastries!
Brunch and Alcohol!
Music! Entertainment!
And more!!!
Kid Friendly! Date Friendly!

at 11:00am - 5:00pm
Gottscheer Hall
657 Fairview Ave, Ridgewood, New York 11385

Happy Friday the 13th xxx

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You now what time it is?

Time for Otakon Artist Alley prep.

(After I get all these commissions done.)

Anonymous whispered: Not being rude but why do you go on about women all the time? Why are you a feminist? It's 2014... You can vote and work and wear trousers.


Short answer: Because I’m woman.

Long answer:

Because misogyny is real and can be fatal.
Because it’s common for people to question every inch of a woman’s life when she reports a rape or sexual assault (what were you wearing? how much did you drink? was it dark out? were you alone? did you know the guy liked you? why didn’t you go home? did you not say no?)
Because in many countries, women are forced to marry their rapist, carry their baby, live a life of non-consensual sex.
Because people ask if my boyfriend minds that I earn more than him.
Because women who have kids and work are called bad mothers and women who have kids and stay at home are lazy or benefit scroungers.
Because when I go out to bars I frequently get touched inappropriately and laughed at when I protest.
Because I can’t walk alone in the dark without fearing for my safety and knowing I’m not being irrational.
Because I get asked “do you actually like Star Wars or are you just into it to look cool?”
Because ‘girl’ and ‘weakness’ are synonymous to so many people.
Because if I like sex, I’m a slut, and if I don’t, I’m a prude.
Because when I grew out my body hair, people gave me dirty looks and made nasty comments.
Because so many jokes involve misogyny, tired stereotypes, and a complete lack of respect for women and girls.
Because jobs that are traditionally seen as “women’s work” are paid much less (childcare, cleaning, catering).
Because there is a pay gap between men and women (in the UK, women earn on average £5k less).
Because when I’m assertive, I’m a bitch. A man is just assertive.
Because when I’m emotional I’m PMSing, I’m irrational, I’m hysterical. A man is passionate.
Because when women are victims of domestic violence people say, ‘if they stay, they deserve it’.
Because a man being called a girl is supposed to be an insult.
Because men get attacked for dressing like women.
Because I read an article today about teenage mothers and how they “lack self-respect”.
Because I know people who have been fired for taking time off after a miscarriage.
Because going on maternity leave can cost you your job.
Because every time I tag a post on here with ‘feminism’, a man reblogs it and tries to tear it apart.
Because in many countries girls do not have the same access to education that boys do.
Because I get compliments that end with “… For a girl” (I can run fast for a girl, I can punch hard for a girl, I’m smart for a girl…)
Because the way the media portray women is hugely skewed from reality.
Because women are expected to shave and wax and exfoliate and put on make up and dye their hair and style their hair and never look tired or old or fat and smell like a fresh garden of flowers and smile and giggle.
Because a fat woman is disgusting but a fat man enjoys his food.
Because I should be happy with being able to vote and work and wear trousers and ignore the inequality I experience in my life and that occurs the world over.

Because this list is never ending.
Because feminism is a dirty word.

Because women do not have the same right and privileges available to them as men.

And because I continue to get questions like this.

All of this.

Shiny baphomet.
This is what I do to pass time.


ZENKAIKON 2014!! If you’re in the Lancaster Area, stop by and say hi! ^_^

My sister decolanlan and I will be at Tables #3 - #4 under the studio name CalderArt Studios, and we’ll be joined by our friend Mae-chan! Looking forward to seeing all you lovely people!

Also, note about our storenvy: If anyone is looking to shop there and finding the store closed I apologize for this inconvenience. I know our store is kinda open on and off depending on our con season.  Being that it’s currently a store for convention backstock items, our priorities for stock are saved for the convention events.  Being that we had two cons close to each other, we kept the store closed for the upcoming Zenkaikon.  However the next convention after that won’t be for some time so the store will be opened after Zenkaikon.  Please look forward to it!

ZENKAICON this weekend!!!

We got new prints,buttons,and I restocked the black cat necklaces.

Stop by and check it out.


Just realized the Espurr Sees All piece would look lovely in the black victorianish bezels. Gonna make 2  just for shits and giggles. One for me..and one to see if anyone would buy such a thing at Zenkaicon this weekend.

yay..more occultesque jewelry.

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